Women’s Team Registration

Team Information

This spring, NPFC is creating an exciting opportunity for local 18+ women to play for a women’s recreational team. The team will train 2x/week with Coach Juan Carlos over the course of an 8-week season and will play 2+ games against other regional rec-level teams. This opportunity is meant for players who want to take their skill level and game to the next level. The goal of the season is to build skill and cohesion with a group of players who are driven to play and compete at their highest ability.

Try-out Information

March 23, 1-4pm, Peninsula College (tentative location)
March 26, 5-7pm, Haller fields in Sequim
March 28, 5-7pm, Haller fields in Sequim

Who we are looking for: Yes, we want the best players. And we want the smart, veteran players who can add to the knowledge on the field. And, we also want the players who are really driven to improve. We are building a foundation this year… one that we can build upon in subsequent years.

Cost for all three try-outs is only $25

Practice Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5-7pm
Practices run April 9th- May 30th. Likely held Haller fields in Sequim, though I am attempting to secure a PA location for some of the practices

Game Schedule

Games will likely be Saturday afternoons around 3pm, in May with our final game June 1. I am working on arranging 2 away games and 2 home games, but this is tentative. Dates will be finalized by April 1.

Is this for you?

We are looking for passionate players who want to be a part of a team and play with focus and intensity. It’s going to be so fun. I want to find that pocket together of fun, focus, and intensity. My goal is to take whatever group of players we get, develop our skills, and play at our highest potential level this year. What can we create together?

If you make the team, cost for the rec season is $100, to cover liability insurance, player card, field use, a jersey and a ball

How to register:

Go to: Pay via PayPal: northpenfc@gmail.com

REGISTER in advance

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