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The Northern Peninsula FC is a brand new soccer club that represents the entire northwestern peninsula from the Hood Canal Bridge to Forks and everywhere in between. The team has been accepted into the second division of the Western Washington Premier League. Our home venue is Port Townsend’s Memorial Field with training grounds are Albert Haller Fields in Sequim, Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Memorial Field in Port Townsend, and Agnew Field in Agnew/Port Angeles.

As a brand new club we need to purchase the regular household items any soccer club needs such as soccer balls, training equipment, and jerseys. Donations are always welcome. Fans are encouraged to proudly wear NPFC gear and join us in the stands by buying tickets

Meet our Players

NPFC Profiles



First Name Last Name Kit # Position
Trillium DeWyse 2 Defender
Jose (Manny) Servin 3 Defender
Roland Plattenberg 4 Striker
Abisai Garcia 5 Midfielder
Tyler Ebert 6 Right/left wing & right/left back
Hugo Sandoval 7 Midfielder
Joost Besijn 8 Attacking central midfielder
Jackson May 9  
Simon Lynge 10 Attacking central midfielder
Ryan Tolbert 11 Midfielder /  Striker
? ? 12  
Silas DeWyse 14 Defender / GK
Pablo Salazer 17 Striker
Rudy Franco 18  
Eli Gish 19  
David Rowe 20 Striker
Raul Medina 21  
Orion Weinblatt 22 Outside Midfielder
Rafael Flores 23  
Hayden Price 25 Goal Keeper
Javier Gomez 26 Midfielder

Northern Peninsula Football Club

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