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The Northern Peninsula Football Club is a brand new soccer club that represents the entire northwestern peninsula from the Hood Canal Bridge to Forks and everywhere in between. The team has been accepted into the second division of the Western Washington Premier League for the 2020 season which kicks off on April 25th!

Our home venue will be Port Townsend’s Memorial Field whilst our training grounds are going to be at Albert Haller Fields in Sequim. Since we are a brand new club we need to purchase the regular household items any soccer club needs such as soccer balls, training equipment, and jerseys, as well as annual fees such as field rental costs, referee charges, and a coach’s stipend.

Most clubs rely on sponsors and their players to cover these charges. Northern Peninsula is sponsored by Henery’s Hardware for a part of the costs and is in contact with more sponsors right now. However, our philosophy is to alleviate costs away from the players as much as possible in order to be a community focused club that is inclusive to all.

For this reason we are asking for any contribution you are willing to make. Our goal of $2000 would greatly help us building a solid foundation from which to expand in future years. This club could be here for many decades but we all have to start somewhere.

So if you are passionate about soccer, your community, or great local entertainment consider participating in our GoFundMe.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

For more information visit our brand new website at http://northernpeninsulafc.com/

Thank you!

Joost Besijn
Northern Peninsula Football Club


Northern Peninsula Football Club