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A tsunami of goals marks NPFC’s 9-0 victory over Harbor Force 2

NPFC’s Hayden Price celebrates after heading in a goal in the 81′ of play.

With bookend goals in the 2nd and 90th minutes of play – and 7-additional goals in between – NPFC (Northern Peninsula FC) dismantled Gig Harbor’s visiting Harbor Force 2 on Saturday in front of an appreciative home crowd.

Fast and consistent offense in NPFC’s final 1/3 of the field was the story for all 90-minutes of play.

NPFC’s defense and midfield dictated the tempo of the blistering fast-paced game, constantly serving passes either up the wings, or switching the field of play.

The following goals were netted by NPFC;

  1. Simon Lynge (#10) 2′
  2. Ryan Tolbert (#11) 31′
  3. Hugo Sandoval (#7) 40′
  4. Raul Medina (#21) 43′
  5. Roland Plattenberg (#4) 47′
  6. David King-Rowe (#20) 49′
  7. Roland Plattenberg (#4) 55′
  8. Hayden Price (#25) 81′
  9. Tyler Ebert (#6) 90′

Noteworthy is that NPFC was playing the first of their double-header weekends worth of games, so one could imagine that coaches Juan Carlos and Rob Cantley might take their offensive foot off the gas in order to save legs for Sundays trip to Seattle where they’ll face third-place Nido Seattle 2.

The only noticeable changes were substitutions to the NPFC defensive line-up in the 70′ of play. This brought Harbor’s most consistent offensive threats, including a point-blank defensive stop off the face of NPFC goalie Hayden Price, who was replaced in goal by Silas DeWyse.

The NPFC core defense quickly returned to play, and Hayden – having shaken off his injury – took the field in an offensive midfielder role, quickly connecting with a header on a perfectly served Hugo Sandoval cross for the team’s 8th goal of the day in the 81′ of play.

NPFC travels Sunday to Seattle, with a league topping +14 goal differential, and the opportunity to finish the weekend in sole possession of first place in the WWPL (Western Washington Primer League) Division 2 standings.